Revision bariatric surgery

Supporting you throughout your weight loss journey

Dr Scott Whiting and his multidisciplinary team understand that weight loss is a journey and are here to support you whether it be through primary or revision bariatric surgery.

Dr Whiting and his team offer world-class care and surgical expertise to their patients and are dedicated to meeting their patients’ needs both pre- and post-surgery.

What is revision bariatric surgery?

Bariatric and Metabolic surgery is the most effective tool we have to treat obesity, however in some cases patients may require a revision procedure. The indication for this does vary but may include weight regain following the primary bariatric procedure, reflux or a surgical complication.

Revision weight loss surgery is complex and carries a higher risk of complications. Each case is thoroughly assessed by our surgeon and the multidisciplinary team prior to any surgical intervention being recommended.

Reasons patients may need revision bariatric surgery include:

  • Surgical complications
  • Inadequate weight loss or weight gain
  • Persistent obesity-related illnesses
  • Reflux

Dr Whiting’s revision bariatric surgery specialties

Dr Whiting offers revision bariatric surgery on a case-by-case basis. He and his multidisciplinary team undertake an extensive investigation to ensure a patient’s revision surgery will produce the desired outcomes.

Dr Whiting offers the following revision surgeries:

Gastric band to gastric bypass

Sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass

Sleeve gastrectomy to Single Anastomosis Duodenal Switch (SADI)

, Dr Scott Whiting

How can Dr Whiting and his team support you?

We understand that everyone’s surgical journey is different – for some patients, one surgery works, for others, revision surgery may be needed. Regardless of the surgery you come in for, our team’s approach to all patients will ensure you are supported throughout the entirety of your revision bariatric surgery.

Contact us to book a consultation with Dr Whiting for guidance and support with your weight loss.

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