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Upper GI, Bariatric, and General surgery for
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Upper Gastrointestinal, Bariatric and General surgeon

Providing Townsville with the highest standard of surgical care and expertise.

I’m an oesophago-gastric, bariatric and general surgeon based in Townsville, North Queensland. I provide world class gastrointestinal and bariatric procedures and I’m committed to improving healthcare, surgical access, and quality of life for the people of Far North Queensland

About Me ➝

Quality health care and surgical options in Townsville.

General Surgery

With local and international training and experience I perform a range of laparoscopic bariatric procedures, general, and upper gastrointestinal surgery. My aim is provide the most appropriate treatment option for your specific needs.


We pride ourselves on our holistic and individualised approach to the treatment of obesity and associated chronic diseases. I draw on the expertise of Bariatric dietitians, General Practitioners, and other health practitioners to provide a tailored and boutique approach to help you achieve your best results.

Upper GI Surgery

My team and I provide wide range of gastrointestinal procedures including diagnosis and surgery.  In addition I’m a leader in upper GI oncology diagnosis and surgery including oesophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer and more.

Are you considering bariatric surgery?

Let us guide you through your transformation.

Dr Whiting and his team are passionate about providing Townsville and the North Queensland region with the most comprehensive pre- and post-surgery care and support.  Dr Whiting operates at Townsville Mater Hospital and the Townsville University Hospital.

Leading surgical techniques and advanced technology.

Now Townsville has access to the highest quality surgical care.

Global experience and training has allowed me to bring the latest surgical techniques and procedures to North Queensland. Access to world class minimally invasive surgery in Townville is now a reality. I operate at Townsville Mater Hospital and the Townsville University Hospital. Contact me today to explore your gastrointestinal health care options.

Meet the Team

Allurion Balloon

The Allurion balloon is the world’s first non-procedural gastric balloon device.

It requires no surgery, anaesthesia or endoscopy. The procedure involves swallowing a capsule under the guidance of your surgeon and is filled with approximately 500ml of saline. The placement of the balloon is confirmed with x-ray imaging and the procedure is completed within 15-20 minutes. The balloon remains in place for approximately 14- 16 weeks, after this time the balloon will break apart on its own and is passed out of the body.

The Allurion Program also includes a health tracker watch, scales and follow-up with your dietitian to support you to make dietary, behaviour and lifestyle modifications throughout your entire weight loss journey.

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Are you considering weightloss surgery?

If your BMI is between 30-35 without obesity-related health conditions, Dr Whiting will carefully determine your eligibility for surgical weight-loss interventions.