Weight loss surgery timeline

The process for weight loss surgery

The timeline for each weight loss surgery procedure varies, however we have provided a high level overview of the steps required.

  • Consultation with GP to obtain a referral
  • Call or email to schedule an appointment with Dr Whiting
  • Initial Consultation with Dr Scott Whiting
  • Schedule surgery date
  • Nurse Assessment
  • Dietitian Assessment
  • Psychology Assessment
  • Preoperative tests completed (bloods, liver elastography, gastroscopy) as required
  • Commence Pre-Operative diet
  • Pre Operative Appointment with Dr Scott Whiting
  • Surgery performed by Dr Scott Whiting
  • Dietitian review prior to discharge
  • Recovery period & post operative diet
  • Post Operative Dietitian Follow Up
  • Post Operative Surgeon Follow Up
  • Ongoing follow-up with our team

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